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The Authority of the Borough of Chaleroi  is committed to providing the communities of Charleroi, Donora and Monessen  with a safe, reliable, and affordable supply of high-quality drinking water.

Our treatment and delivery system meets or exceeds state and federal standards for both appearance and safety.  ABC is constantly improving the system to insure the highest quality.
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Expanded Payment Options

The options for payment have been expanded to include credit cards and automatic payment withdrawal (Autopay).  Credit cards will be accepted over the phone, at the window at our offices or through this web site..  Autopay requires the cusomer submit an approval  form to activate this feature.  Read more...

Hydrant Flushing Program

The ABC Water begins its annual hydrant flushing program in Donora and Monessen on June 28.  Some customers may experience dirty water as a result of the flushing program.  We regret any inconvenience associated with the flushing.  For a schedule of the flushing by area, click here.

Enhanceed Notification System

ABC has activated an automatic notification system that will be used to communicate with consumers when there is a problem with the water system.  This system will deliver a prerecorded telephone message indicating the problem and what the consumer should do.

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